Sunday, 14 August 2011

My New Companion

Went to the market this morning and managed to buy my new mode of transport for the next year - she is great - one speed, stand, dynmo light, basket and the all important bell...
Really pleased I now have my own transport - first 3km ride out to the office tomorrow morning - luckily I start at 7am so it will be cooler than it is at the moment.


  1. LOVE your new bike! After a year of cycling you'll never be without a bike again - I now have thighs of steel after 6 years of living in Amsterdam! Happy cycling!

  2. fab investment - keep us entertain xxxx

  3. This trusty new steed needs a name, you should name it Gloria. then you can sing G L O R I A, Gloria.... all the way in and get in really fast.