Saturday, 28 January 2012

Motorbike ride with Ali - 2nd Jan 2012 - Tuk Cha Lakes

Started the year with a great little day trip out on the bikes with Ali - we went up to some lakes about an hours ride outside of Kampong Cham where there are pontoons going out into the lakes with hammocks. Perfect for relaxing and thinking about the year ahead.

My view from my hammock.

My partner in crime for motorbike rides - Ali.

Lots of red dragonflies around the lake along with millions of pond skaters.

Luckily it was dry season as this road is usually under a meter of water in the wet season.

They even had white swans that you could go off on the lake in - we unfortunately didn't have time to do that!

On the way back we went off the beaten track and went through the local banana plantations to get home.

All the new banana trees that have recently been planted.

We found some old ruins of a Buddhist temple on the way back.

Pheaktra's Wedding - 31/12/11

Pheaktra BSDA's Health Project co-ordinator got married on New Years Eve. I went along to the evening party - weddings last 2 days over here.

The bride and I

Sinon BSDA's sewing teacher - in one of her own creations - the girls really go to town when it comes to dressing up for the party.
Senglim and Pek Vean

They had a band playing at this wedding - the music is so loud at these events that you can't hear anything but the music - especially when you end up sitting right next to the tower of speakers....

My lovely Panha (program manager) pulling a funny face with his lovely wife.

Thida and Sromvatey

Let the dancing begin..

The bride and groom in white - they both have 10 changes of outfit during the wedding day!!

The lovely Mr Kimsrean who got married the following week to his girlfriend and below Sreyawath who got married last weekend to her boyfriend. Tis the wedding season at the mo...