Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Catch me if you can

I think even swimming with a good current behind me I might out swim these river police....

Markets, Stalls & Shops

Dried fish for supper anyone?

Spices and strange dried things!
24Seven one-stop shop Cambodia style

Snack time...

Plastic-fastic - the little kids out here love these

Sugar Palm drink press - very refreshing and a good sugar hit

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Look at those lovely dresses....

Boat Trip - 17th September 2011 - Part 3

As we were heading back in the cooler of the afternoon the villages were coming to life with all the fishermen out with their nets.
We also went past a drying house for tobacco which wasn't in use at the mo due to the flooding - rubber, pepper, rice and tobacco are big crops around this province.

Kampong Cham from the water

Fishing Boat

Everyone feeling a little tired on the way home...

What you don't see is the fish in his net!!

Tobacco drying houses

Boat Trip - 17th September 2011 - Part 2

After wondering & exploring the grounds:

Cambodian Van style!
Long boats that get raced in November

The Well the Monks use

You can see the extent of flooding - the trees in the distance are just poking above water level

Can you see the ladder the Sugar Palm collectors have put up the side of the tree..

Some of the fields were the rice is grown for the monks

We went back to the boat and had a lovely long (as we were going against the current) journey home - see part 3!