Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cocktail Workshop at Smile Restaurant

Xenia, just before Christmas, had a friend of hers over from Germany for a visit and Ascan is a very good bartender so Xenia arranged for him to give a workshop to the students at Smile on making Cocktails. So obviously we agreed (under some pressure) to be the tasters....

Basti with Seng trying out one of the specials.

Sienghour trying out his new found cocktail skills and making me a Long Island Ice Tea of course.

Heng, one of the health staff trying one of the cocktails..not sure if he likes it!!

I have never seen such a popular workshop as this one!

Panha - BSDA Program Manager and Chhany - BSDA Finance Manager testing a cocktail
Our Finance Manager Chhany relaxing! You wouldn't think that he use to be a Monk...

Aschan and Xenia

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas in Phnom Penh

Christmas was spent in Phnom Penh with Ali at Circa51.

 Ali decorating the Terrace Suite that we had over the Christmas weekend - we just relaxed and chilled out by the pool - just what was needed. Hotel only had a few people staying and the owners were lovely - supplying us with a free bottle of bubbly on arrival and then invited us to a lovely BBQ on Christmas day.

Our stash of little presents - we gave each a $10 limit to buy as many stupid things as possible and of course Queenie came away with us.

Me on Christmas morning with some of my pressies..

Honest I hadn't had a drink - only coffee by this stage but I look like I have had a skinful - just the excitement of Christmas....
The hotel and the lovely pool - our suite was up the stairs and overlooked the pool with our own private terrace as well..

life is hard.....
Ali enjoying the pool.

Queenie joining in too....

She even came for a swim as well...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wishing you all a.....

I hope that you all have a fantastic festive season and a great New Year. I wish that 2012 is filled full of happiness and laughter for all of you.
I hope that 2012 will bring many more blog entries to keep you entertained!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Health Team

The Health Team have just received an award for their work in the field of helping people living with Aids - well done all round - they deserve it.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

On the road...

Here are some random photos of the different things you see on the road out here.....

How many people can you get in a tuk-tuk - judging by this family quite a lot...
One of the smaller buses that you can catch round and about - love the person sitting on the bags that are spilling out of the back of this one.
Some or should I say a lot of the interior bus decorations are so kitsch.

You see the kid in the background who is on the back of a moto with his bike - I had to do that the other day as well - hilarious traveling on a moto with your bike....
There are 2 people on that moto as well as a lot of paackages.
Noodles anyone?
Now that is a good balancing act.
Phnom Penh Bus Sorya bus station
Below he is mending the aircon - or trying to - consisted of much banging.

Tuk-tuks at your service.

Sorya Bus station in Kampong Cham
Bookshelves on the move.

My favourite ones to stop - the coconut man.